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Criminal Defense

Our experienced criminal defense investigators help our clients locate witnesses, retrieve evidence, and conduct research to help build a defense. Our services are contracted by defense attorneys and their clients to help find the truth.


Civil Investigations

Our investigative services help companies assess allegations of corporate fraud or financial misappropriations happening within their company. Our services help put a stop to fraud, employee theft, vandalism, and workplace violence.


Domestic Investigations

We work with private citizens to help them find the information that they need to make appropriate life changing decisions. We offer infidelity investigations, background investigations, missing person checks, and more.

We Are: Professional Massachusetts Private Investigators

At Cabral Investigation Services we specialize in providing Criminal Defense Investigations to attorneys and their clients. Our investigators offer Multilingual Investigation Services (Spanish, Portuguese & English). With tremendous pride, detailed, comprehensive and competent investigation services we enable all parties the ability to resolve cases based on truth.

We work with our client’s best interest in mind to help them find the information that they need.

We Work With: Attorneys, Business Owners, General Public

We work with attorneys, insurance companies, and corporate clients to help them find the necessary information to make educated legal, financial, and life changing decisions. Our services are geared towards the corporate sector and focus in obtaining information that our clients can use to seek compensation through litigation.

We work with our client’s best interest in mind to help them find the information that they need.

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Why Work With Cabral Investigation Services

At Cabral Investigation Services, we truly believe that each and every individual charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. We take on each and every case with an open mind and fight hard to locate witnesses, get the interviews and ask the right questions on your behalf.

Our client, our community and our entire judicial system deserve and expect truthful, accurate facts that ultimately determine an individual’s future simultaneously exposing unlawful or deceitful practices. It is our premise that the laws within the Commonwealth should be upheld and enforced based only on the truth and as long as we seek the truth ….. We cannot fail.

By way of introduction, I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Massachusetts since 1992. In addition to my law practice, I am also a Supervising Attorney with the Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Inc. Ms. Cabral has a long history of law enforcement and investigative work. She has been instrumental in working closely with me on investigating and strategizing my criminal and civil cases. In addition to her superb investigation skills, Ms. Cabral is highly ethical in her work.

I am the vice President of Route 138 Motor Car Company. I had the pleasure of meeting Nanette Cabral approx. 4 years ago through the purchase of a car. Since then, Nanette has played an important role for our company as we have used her service to collect what was otherwise “uncollectable” money owed to our company from various individuals. Nanette has consistently placed my needs above her own, sometimes tackling difficult tasks with the same passion and vigor from when I first met her.