Carbal Investigations provides Cellphone Data Extraction to the general public. Our Digital Forensics team can help recover information that has been hidden or deleted from any cell phone.

  • Website/Browsing history
  • Frequency of website visits and duration
  • Email activities
  • Erased Text & Files
  • Chat conversations
  • Files downloaded
  • Programs downloaded
  • GPS locations
  • Social media usage
  • And Much More!


Our digital forensics team can provide detailed information about websites visited, actions taken, search history, and program history. We can provide any chat and email logs, and a detailed account of any videos or pictures including any ALL HIDDEN and DELETED items

  • E-mail conversations
  • Chat conversations
  • Websites visited and duration
  • Programs downloaded and installed
  • Hidden Files
  • Social media usage
  • Screenshots of live computer usage
  • Connections made
  • Erased files
  • Frequency of website visits


Our skilled team of digital forensic investigators can uncover any activity on social media, including posts with picture and location data. Even if they attempt to hide or delete the posts. We can compile all our finding into a portfolio for you.

  • Hidden social media accounts
  • Social networks accessed
  • Social media history
  • Deleted data
  • Emails
  • Chat conversations
  • GPS locations
  • Files viewed
  • Frequency or duration on social media
  • And Much More!


Walls can’t talk yet, but cars can.  Our team at Cabral Investigations uses the iVe vehicle system forensic tool to acquire data from vehicles such as: recent destinations, the navigation history of everywhere the vehicle has been, call logs, doors opening & closing, acceleration & braking and speed.

  • Vehicle Speeds
  • Destinations
  • Times of use
  • Duration of use
  • Connected devices
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Acceleration and breaking
  • Call history
  • Navigation history
  • And Much More!

Phone Reconstruction

If the cellphone device is damaged or “broken” our team is able to reconstruct the phone on a virtual machine. This is going to let our data professionals extract the data and submit the results back to you.

Immediate Access

A skilled examiner is able to quickly connect to the device and clone the device in our office. Rather than shipping devices across the country, our team can do it in house. If you have direct access and rights to the phone, forensic examiners can start the extraction process within minutes.

Proven Results

Our team of digital forensic investigators are professionals in their trade and are experienced in all methods of extracting and reporting information from any digital device available. You can rest assured knowing your case is in the best hands.

Best Tools in the Industry

Our data forensic examiners are considered the industry leaders in data recovery and state-of-the-art R&D pioneers in the digital forensics field. In situations that require invasive repair, your media and device will be serviced in a certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment by highly trained and certified digital technicians.

Customer Service to Count On

Customer trust and satisfaction is our parent’s top priority for every case they handle. Thus, they assign a service technician to every case to ensure that their customer’s have constant access to the information they need. Your assigned service technician will provide you with frequent status updates.

Free Mobile Evaluation

Every investigation begins with a FREE diagnostics testing within minutes. A forensic investigator will evaluate your media to determine whether the data can be recovered. If recovery is possible, a list of service packages will be provided along with a cost structure.