Our digital forensics team can help extract erased text messages from mobile phones, retrieve automotive black box data after an accident, or download social media data from computers, phones, and tablets!


Digital Forensics is a thorough examination of an electronic device. Computer scientists have created tools to extract data that is often times thought as being erased or destroyed. Our team has access to these tools and can extract data remotely or at your location.


Although Private Digital Forensics is relatively new to the private investigations industry, the science behind the technology (E-Discovery & Data Recovery) has been around for years. Our team brings you access to the technology, at an affordable rate.


If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, or you suspect your teenager is lying to you about what they are doing, who they’re talking to, or where they go, our digital forensics team can help!


At Cabral Investigations, we offer Cellular Data Extraction that captures ALL phone data including Texts & Call logs, Photos and Videos, Search & location history, Email & contacts, Social media & chat history, including ALL DELETED and HIDDEN items.

  • Website/Browsing history
  • Frequency or duration of website visits
  • Internet connections made
  • Chat conversations
  • Email activites
  • Erased Text & Files
  • Duration of Program Use
  • Files viewed
  • Screenshots of live computer usage
  • GPS locations
  • Social Media Data
  • And Much More!


Our digital forensics team provides detailed information including what sites were visited, what occurred and search history. We provide chat logs, a detailed account of any pictures or video including ALL DELETED and HIDDEN items.

  • Litigation
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Education
  • Information Security
  • Forensics
  • Discovery
  • Corporate Sabotage
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Evidence of Company Policy Violations
  • Abuse of IT Infrastructure & Services


Our skilled team of digital forensic investigators will build you a portfolio of any social networking activity along with a catalog of any posts with picture and location data, including DELETED and EDITED posts.

  • Hidden social media accounts
  • Frequency or duration of website visits
  • Social networks acced
  • Chat conversations
  • Email activities
  • Erased data
  • Duration of program used
  • Files viewed
  • Screenshots of live computer usage
  • GPS access locations
  • Social media messages
  • And Much More!

Phone Reconstruction

If the cellphone device is damaged or “broken” our team is able to reconstruct the phone on a virtual machine. This is going to let our data professionals extract the data and submit the results back to you.

Immediate Access

A skilled examiner is able to quickly connect to the device and clone the device in our office. Rather than shipping devices across the country, our team can do it in house. If you have direct access and rights to the phone, forensic examiners can start the extraction process within minutes.

Expert Testimony

If you are planning on going to court, a digital forensic investigator will testify as an expert witness. Our private investigators and forensic examiners are experienced at defending reports as well as explaining forensics and reporting methodologies.

Best Tools in the Industry

Our data forensic examiners are considered the industry leaders in data recovery and state-of-the-art R&D pioneers in the digital forensics field. In situations that require invasive repair, your media and device will be serviced in a certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment by highly trained and certified digital technicians.

Customer Service to Count On

Customer trust and satisfaction is our parent’s top priority for every case they handle. Thus, they assign a service technician to every case to ensure that their customer’s have constant access to the information they need. Your assigned service technician will provide you with frequent status updates.

Free Mobile Evaluation

Every investigation begins with a FREE diagnostics testing within minutes. A forensic investigator will evaluate your media to determine whether the data can be recovered. If recovery is possible, a list of service packages will be provided along with a cost structure.

Physical evidence can not be intimidated. It does not forget. It sits there and waits to be detected, preserved, evaluated, and explained.

-Dr. Herbert L. Macdonnell, Bloodstain Evidence Institute founder

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