Massachusetts Private Investigation Services

Corporate – Civil – Domestic
Investigation Services

At Cabral Investigation Services, we investigate a variety of different types of cases based on our client’s specific needs. Our services include due diligence investigations, background investigations, witness locates, recorded witness interviews, and surveillance assignments. Our goal is to help our clients with litigation support and locate the evidence necessary to help our client’s make an educated decision.

In the section below, you will some of the services offered by Cabral Investigations. If you require additional information, or if you’re in need of a service that is not listed in our page, contact us directly and request a free consultation. Our investigators can help you find the service that you need or put you in contact with any one of our investigative partners across the United States to guarantee you will find the information you are looking for.

Surveillance Investigations

Our surveillance operatives help our clients find the information that they need, when they need it the most. Our private investigators are equipped with the latest investigative tools and are trained in the latest investigative techniques, and research methods, to ensure that our clients find the information they need to make appropriate life changing decisions.

Registered Process Server

We work with different attorneys across Massachusetts to help them deliver the information they need quickly and easily. We also have 24 hour rush assignments available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Corporate Investigation Services

Our Corporate investigation services are designed to help our clients combat fraud, defeat employee theft, and help prevent employee violence. Our services are retained by clients across the United States and include major corporations, small to medium size businesses, and fortune 500 companies. Our investigators specialize in interviewing & interrogation techniques, and have gone through several certification and training programs to ensure that our client’s needs are met during our interviews.

Fraud Prevention
Employee Theft
Workplace Violence
Vandalism & Property Damage
Pre-Termination Mitigation

Investigative and Surveillance Operations

Our private investigators have received training in the latest investigative techniques and are equipped with the latest investigative tools available to the investigations industry.

Due Diligence Investigations
Liability and Negligence Investigations
Suspicious Insurance Claims
Workers’ Compensation Claims

Background and Criminal Checks

Background checks has been proven to be the corner stone of our private investigation agency. We have a wide range of individual screening solutions available to meet your needs. Our background investigations are conducted through on-site courthouse research and the most accurate on-line databases. Information obtained may include: criminal records, civil litigation history, driving records, sex offenders, previous employment, address history, past employer and landlord references, asset ownership, credit histories and more. We provide background investigations for most purposes, including:

Pre-Employment Screening
Prospective Tenant Screening
Elder Care-Giver Backgrounds
Criminal Background Checks
Due Diligence Investigations
General Background Research

Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation

At Cabral Investigations, our professional investigators are able to provide investigative services to both Criminal & Civil Attorneys. As experienced investigators, we are able to conduct searches for possible witnesses, conduct interviews, conduct crime scene investigations, collect evidence and maintain chain of custody procedures, maintain precise report writing, court testimony, coordinate process service and any other specific requests in order to proceed with court litigation proceedings.

Criminal Investigations

We truly believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Our investigators work with attorneys across Massachusetts to build a strong defense for their clients. Our goal, is to find the evidence our client’s need to succeed in litigation proceedings.

Witness Locates

When a standard database check does not suffice, our investigators work tirelessly to track down a witness to a crime, accident, or incident. Our team of dedicated skip tracers can not only locate witnesses across the United States, but they can interview and obtain recorded statements to assist our clients’ case.

Domestic Services

As a full fledged private investigations agency, Cabral Investigations works with the general public across Massachusetts to provide them with peace of mind. Our investigators can provide our clients with the information they need to help them make educated life changing decisions.